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Engage your audience and increase your conversion with personalized videos.
video testimonials hosting

Video Marketing Platform

Make engaging marketing videos for your business for free. With Vuzers, you can quickly create video messages for your marketing campaigns using Vuzers' free video marketing tool. You no longer need to spend $10,000 to shoot a professional marketing video.

With just a few clicks, you can record yourself, embed your videos in your emails and website.
You can also collect video testimonials from your customers and display them on a Wall of Love page.

You can try Vuzers for FREE!

How our Marketing Video Platform Works

Create a Short Video Message

Record a short video message up to 2 minutes long.

Add Reply Buttons

Add a video and text reply buttons to your videos to interact with your audience.

Share It

Embed your video messages into your website and your emails.

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Add a human touch to your communication

Show your face to your customers to build trust and increase your conversions.

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email templates
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Greet your visitors with a welcome video

Warm welcome your visitors on your website and connect with customers with an async video widget.

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Collect video testimonials

With Vuzers, you can request video testimonials from your best clients and promote them on a Wall of Love page.

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email templates
video feedback app

Share video updates by email

Use video to share your company's accomplishments, new features, and news.


You've got questions, and we have the answers.

Free Marketing Video App

Vuzers is a free marketing video app for marketers. You can create up to 5 video messages and collect unlimited video testimonials for free.

How I create a marketing video for free?

1/ Create a short video message with Vuzers' free webcam recorder.

2/Add reply buttons to your video to make it interactive and give the ability for your customers to respond.

3/ Share your video link with your audience. You can embed your video message in your emails and on your website.

4/ Analyze the performance of your videos to increase your conversions.

How do I send a video message to my customers?

Vuzers free video marketing platform is very easy to use.

Once your video is recorded, go to sharing options, copy the HTML code and paste it into your email using any email service. Click send. As simple as it may sound!

How do I produce video testimonials for free?

1/ Create an interactive video with Vuzers for free. 
2/ Share the video link to your customers by email. 
3/ Customers will click on your video link and be redirected to a public landing page where they can submit their video testimonials. They just need a webcam and a microphone. No signups! Nothing to install!

What they say about Vuzers

The Easiest Remote Video Capture Software!

I've tried many alternatives and haven't found them as easy to use as Vuzers.

With Vuzers, I recorded interactive video messages with just a few clicks, embedded them on my client's website, and started collecting responses from customers the exact same day.

Emilie M - Fractional CMO, Self Employed

More than a video marketing tool for marketers

Vuzers is a lot more than just a video marketing tool for marketers.

Interact with your customers via async video to better understand their needs, ans improve your product or service. Vuzers offers you a new way to communicate, to get more personal with your audience, build trust, and increase your conversions.

Start interacting with your clients in video today for FREE!

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