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Capture Feedback in Video

Video helps you get to know your customers and create a product they love.
collect video testimonials for free

Video Feedback Tool

Vuzers makes it simple to collect video feedback for free. Rather than tedious survey forms, request feedback from your customers through interactive videos. Customers can respond via their webcam or text. All the responses go to the same place.

How to Collect Video Feedback

Create a Personalized Video

Record a video using Vuzers' free online webcam recording app or upload a video.

Add interactive buttons

Add a text and video reply buttons to your video to collect feedback from your customers.

Share It

With Vuzers, you can copy and paste your video directly into Gmail or any email client.

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Build genuine relationships with customers

Using video to collect customer feedback allows you to create a more authentic connection with your customers.

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Ask questions at the perfect time

Embed your video into your email and send it to your customers at the right time to collect their responses. Customers can reply via text or video!

UX designer requesting feedback from customers via video.

Improve your response rate

Stand out from your competition and use video to gather customer feedback instead of boring surveys.

UX designer requesting feedback from customers via video.


You've got questions, and we have the answers.

Video Feedback Software

Vuzers helps companies in gathering video feedback from customers. Create a short video message for free. Send the link to your clients. Customers are not required to register. They simply record or upload their video response. You can even capture client information such as first name, last name, and email address.

What is the best video feedback tool?

Vuzers is so simple than grandma can use it! You can create interactive videos and share it with your users in seconds. Vuzers is the best feedback tool to collect video feedback and gauge customer satisfaction.

How do I create an interactive video for free?

Vuzers is free to use. You can create up to 5 interactive videos. 
1/Sign up for free. 
2/Record yourself with our webcam recorder tool or upload a video. 
3/ Add a video and/or a text reply buttons to your video.
4/ Share the link with your audience. Done! All the responses go into your dashboard.

How do I send interactive video messages to customers?

Vuzers automatically generates a short HTML code for your interactive videos. Copy paste the code into your email and send it to your customers.

What they say about Vuzers

Vuzers is the best video feedback software!

I wanted to get more personal with our users. With Vuzers, I can listen to our customers and interact with them with async videos. It's the perfect tool to build trust and get valuable insights.

Julia D - Lead UX Designer - Heroes

More than a video feedback app

Vuzers is a lot more than just a video feedback app to collect customer feedback in video.

With Vuzers you can also collect video testimonials from your customers and promote them on a Wall of Love page. Let your most loyal clients spread the word for you.

Engage with your customers for Free today!

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