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Interactive Video Platform for Course Creators

Engage your students with interactive videos, ask them questions and get their responses all in one place.
educational video

Create Interactive Videos for Teaching

Vuzers is a new way to communicate asynchronously with your students, test their knowledge, onboard them and get their testimonials. With just a few clicks, you can create an interactive video, embed it into your website or emails and send it to your students.

Students will be able to interact with you via text or video. With Vuzers, you can also gather video testimonials from your students and share them on a Wall of Love page.

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How to Create Interactive Videos for My Online Course

Record a video

Record videos up to 2 minutes long with Vuzers' free webcam recorder tool.

Make it interactive

Add response buttons to your videos. Students will be able to reply via video or text.

Share It

Embed your interactive video into your online course, or send it by email.

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Get personal with your students

Add a human touch to your communication to engage your students.

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email templates
welcome video for online teachers

Onboard and request feedback by email

Send them interactive videos to onboard your students, guide them, and collect feedback.

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Welcome your visitors

Warm welcome your audience by adding a video bubble to your website.

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video testimonials
Share video testimonials on your website

Collect and share video testimonials

Use Vuzers to request video testimonials from your students and feature them on a Wall of Love page.


You've got questions, and we have the answers.

Interactive Video Platform

Vuzers is a free interactive video platform that helps online course creators engage their students, ask them questions and get all their responses in one single place. Vuzers is very easy to use. You can create up to 5 interactive videos and collect unlimited video testimonials for free.

What is the best interactive video platform for course creators?

Although there are many other interactive video platforms, Vuzers stands out for its excellent user experience. Vuzers offers the best features which will help you grow your online course business: interactive videos, video widget, video email, video testimonials, secure and ad-free video hosting and more.

How do I create an interactive video for my online course?

Vuzers free interactive video platform is very simple.

Follow those steps.
1/ Create your video. You can write a script in Vuzers and read it to help you while you're recording your video.
2/ Design your video landing page. Add your logo, colors and write your questions.
3/ Publish your video. You can embed your video into your online course or share your video link by email with your students. Their responses will go into the Results section of your collection.

How do I gather and feature video testimonials for my online course?

1/ Make an interactive video with Vuzers for free. 
2/ Send the video link to your students by email. 
3/ Students will be redirected to your interactive video page where they can submit their video testimonials. They just need a webcam and a mic. No signups! Nothing to install!
4/ Select the best testimonials and feature them on a Wall of Love page. That's it!

What they say about Vuzers

I've just discovered Vuzers and I am already a big fan!

With Vuzers, it's very easy to create videos, collect feedback and testimonials for my course.

Simon F - Online course creator

More than an interactive video tool for course creators

Vuzers is a lot more than just a video tool for online course creators.

Even if you have no video experience, there are plenty of premium tools available to help you create engaging videos for your audience.

Our user interface is extremely user-friendly. It only takes a few clicks to create a video. You can make welcome videos, onboarding videos, thank you videos, and a lot more. There is no need to know how to code or to install a software. Just launch Vuzers from your browser and start recording!

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