Video Feedback Tool

Ask and collect valuable customer feedback with video.

Video Feedback Software

Vuzers makes it easy to capture video feedback for free. Instead of boring survey forms, ask your customers for feedback through interactive videos and manage video responses all in one place.

Use Vuzers to empower your customers and provide a better customer experience. Video helps you listen and understand your customers like never before. Collect quality customer video feedback right now for FREE!

How Our Video Feedback Tool Work

Create an Interactive Video

Create a personalized video message where you ask for feedback.

Share Your Video

Share your video link with your customers.

Collect Unlimited Video Feedback

Respondents can submit their video response directly from their browser.

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Ask for customer feedback on video

With Vuzers, you can design a collection page with a personalized video to collect unlimited video feedback for FREE.

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video feedback tool

Remotely capture video feedback

Your customers don't need any professional equipment. Just a webcam and a mic. That's it!

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Engage with your customers

Engage with your customers with video and add a human touch to your customer experience.

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You've got questions, and we have the answers.

Video Feedback

Vuzers helps businesses collect customer video feedback. Record a quick video message. Share the link to your video. Your customers do not need to register. They simply record or upload their video response and submit it. You can even collect customer information such as first name, last name, and email. Easy!

Free Video Feedback

You can collect unlimited video feedback for FREE.

What is a video feedback?

Video feedback is a type of feedback where businesses can request feedback from clients, potential clients, employees in video.

How to collect video feedback?

When you create a video with Vuzers, you can give your customers the option to respond to you via video. In just a few minutes you can record a short video message up to 2 minutes long asking for user feedback, share the link with your customers. Done! Your customers respond to you via video. Their responses go straight to your dashboard.

How to record a video feedback?

Your customers can use our free online webcam recorder to record their feedback on video. No signup needed!

What they say about Vuzers

Vuzers is the best video feedback software!

I wanted to get more personal with our users. With Vuzers, I can listen to our customers and interact with them with async videos. It's the perfect tool to build trust and get valuable insights.

Julia D - Lead UX Designer - Heroes

More than a video feedback app

Vuzers is more than a video feedback software that lets you collect video feedback from your customers remotely.

With Vuzers, you can also collect video customer testimonials and promote video reviews on any of your web pages.

Vuzers is a new way to interact and communicate with your customers.

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