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Interactive Videos For Your Business

Create interactive videos in minutes. Ask your visitors and customers questions on video and get their answers.
interactive videos

Interactive Video Platform

Vuzers' free interactive video platform lets you create interactive videos at scale and share them on your website or on a public landing page. Simply create a personalized video where you ask your visitors questions and embed the video on your website or just share the link with them.

Viewers could respond to you through video or text.
You can use interactive videos to collect video testimonials, feedback and insights from your customers in order to build trust and genuine relationships. Try Vuzers for FREE!

How Our Interactive Video Platform Works

Create a Video Message

Record a personalized video with your webcam using Vuzers' free webcam recorder or upload a video where you ask your audience questions.

Design Your Interactive Video

Add buttons such as video and/or text reply buttons on your video.

Share It

Embed your best interactive video on your website or simply share the link to collect responses.

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Stand out with interactive videos

Build trust with your customers and stand out from the crowd.

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video testimonials

Use interactive videos to collect video testimonials in minutes. You can display them on a Wall of Love page or embed them right into your website.


Secure and Ad-free Interactive Video Hosting

You can control who has access to your content by setting its privacy to Public or Private. Plus, there will be no ads so your audience can watch your videos without any distractions.



You've got questions, and we have the answers.

Interactive Video

Easy! Use Vuzers to make interactive videos. Record or upload a video. Add a video and/or a text reply buttons on it and share the video link.

Interactive Video Software

Vuzers is an interactive video software that lets you ask questions and collect answers through interactive videos. Respondents can respond to you via text or video. You can use Vuzers to gather feedback, insight or testimonials.

Free Interactive Videos

Vuzers lets you create and host up to 5 interactive videos in total with a limit of 1,000 video plays per month for free. No ads guaranteed!

What is an interactive video?

An interactive video is a video that allows the viewer to actively interact with the video content. They include clickable elements that redirect the user to another page or another website entirely.

How to make an interactive video?

Simply record a video using Vuzers' free online webcam recorder or upload one in which you ask your audience questions. You can specify whether you want respondents to respond via video, text, or both. Share the video link. That's it! To submit their response, users simply follow the instructions. And the responses are sent directly to your dashboard.

Interactive video hosting

Vuzers allows you to host your videos ad-free. You don't need to store them. You record or upload your videos online, add the interaction buttons and just share the link with your visitors and customers. That's it!

Why interactive videos?

Using interactive videos in your marketing strategy are one of the best ways to engage with customers. They increase trust and help build authentic relationships with your customers. Plus, you can easily track their click through rate and measure their performance.

What they say about Vuzers

The Easiest Remote Video Capture Software!

I've tried many alternatives and haven't found them as easy to use as Vuzers.

With Vuzers, I recorded interactive video messages with just a few clicks, embedded them on my client's website, and started collecting responses from customers the exact same day.

Emilie M - Fractional CMO, Self Employed

More than an interactive video service

Vuzers is a lot more than just an interactive video company that helps you create interactive videos at scale.

With Vuzers, you can also collect video testimonials, feedback and insights from your customers to build genuine relationships with them and better understand their needs.

Get started with Vuzers for FREE today!

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